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Thursday April 24th 2014

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Election 2013 Coverage – Including President Clinton on 92.7!


Recap of today’s exclusive interview with former President Bill Clinton on 92.7 Kiss FM! Clinton Interview

Follow us for live blog coverage of the 2013 Gubernatorial, Attorney General, and Lieutenant Governor races. Reporting to you live from Richmond, VA, Fairfax, Va, and the local Charlottesville parties and registrars.

10:06pm Szakos reelected to Charlottesville City Council.

10:01pm Liz Palmer, candidate for county supervisor: In preparation for being on the board, I’m going to do a lot of research with the county budget. That’s one thing you really have to get up on right away… It’s very exciting. This is the first time we’ve ever had four women on the board. It’s the first time we’ve ever had three women on the board! With McKeel’s work with our schools, Maliek with agriculture, and Dittmar as President of the Chamber of Commerce, this is a really great value for the county to have this background and variety.”

9:55pm CBS News, Washington Post, Fox News, CNN, NBC News all calling race for McAuliffe.

9:53pm VA Attorney General Race with 93.31% reporting: Obenshain (R) – 50.73% Herring (D) – 49.15%

9:49pm NBC News projects McAuliffe to narrowly win.

9:41pm Council member Richard Brewer disses Republicans, tells our reporter Matt Fey:
“The Republican Party has fallen off to the extreme. People want a modern world view. They want people who will work together to make the community better. It’s local politics that really matter. We’ve elected a group of smart, hard-working fellows, who are working to make Albemarle a better place. Voter turnout is not where it should be — everyone should get out and vote!

9:39pm McAuliffe takes lead for first time in night. Cheers ring out at HQ.

9:31pm VA Gov. race still too close to call with 88% reporting: Cuccinelli leads McAuliffe 46.7%-46.5%

9:29pm Big changes to Albemarle Board Of Supervisors. Democrats win all 4 supervisor seats including ousting Republican incumbents Rodney Thomas & Duane Snow.

9:14pm Interviewing Mark Warner at McAuliffe HQ in Fairfax

9:06pm 79% of precincts reporting for the Gubernatorial election but it is still too late to call. Norfolk, Hampton, Prince William and Fairfax are still out. Outlook is grim for Cuccinelli.

8:53pm Political analyst and associate editor of Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball from the UVa Center for Politics, Geoffrey Skelley predicts a McAuliffe win.


8:46pm Associated Press, CNN call the race in favor of Northam over E.W. Jackson.

8:43pm 68% precincts reporting: Jackson- 47% Northam- 53%. Associated Press declares Northam the winner.

8:38pm Bad news for McAuliffe out of Danville. Only wins by 5 points when Obama won by 22 in last year’s election.

8:31pm Women’s issues are proving very important in this race. In the exit polls, women have backed McAuliffe over Cuccinelli by 16 points (54% to 38%). Though both campaigns focused on job creation, McAuliffe hit Cuccinelli hard over  his polarizing views on abortion and other women’s health issues.

8:23pm New numbers are coming in for Virginia Gubernatorial race, reports say Cuccinelli leading at 50%, McAuliffe at 43% and Sarvis with 7%. 38.7% of precincts reporting. Northam already projected winner in Lt. Gov. race

8:19pm The scene at McAuliffe HQ in Fairfax, VA on the press risers.

8:17pm The scene at Cuccinelli HQ in Richmond, VA.

8:11pm NBC news projects Northam as winner in Virginia’s Lieutenant Governor Race.

8:05pm VA Governor race results: 32% precincts reporting: Cuccinelli- 51% McAuliffe- 42% Sarvis- 7%. Important to note most of the precincts reporting are safely Republican. Still too early for results to be meaningful.

8:03pm Results from Crozet and Brownsville district – McAulifee: 1009. Cuccinelli: 712. Sarvis: 206

8:00pm Our team at Cuccinelli HQ in Richmond, VA just spoke with Jimmy Massie from the House of Delegates. He says, “Virginia is going to choose a Republican candidate that has been fiscally and socially responsible in the past.”

7:58pm Results from Rio District in Albemarle. McAulifee: 630 Cuccinelli: 290 Sarvis: 57

7:55pm 27.9% of precincts report Republican lead tickets in all 3 state-wide elections.

7:54pm According to NBC29, “Charlottesville election officials could not get into password protected machines to count votes at precincts.”

7:48 pm Representative and DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Shultz told reporters at McAuliffe headquarters that “Virginia is on it’s it way to being reliably blue” and “Virginians reject Tea Party extremism.” She also commented on female turnout saying, “when Terry is elected tonight it will be on the shoulders of Virginia women.”

7:44 pm Results from Albemarle Registrar. Scottsville District: McAulifee: 620; Cuccinelli: 784; Sarvis: 151

7:41 pm Results from Albemarle Registrar. Rivanna District: McAulife: 349; Cuccinelli: 287; Sarvis: 63

7:37 pm VA Governor race results with 15% precincts reporting Cuccinelli leads with 55%,  McAuliffe at 37%, and  Sarvis with 8%.

7:36 pm 15% precincts reporting in Lt. Governor race: Jackson- 54% Northam- 46%

7:18 pm 66 precincts of the 2,541 report Cuccinelli in lead with 61%. McAulliffe follows with 31.27% and Sarvis is at 6.4%. Smaller precincts are coming in now.

7:00 pm Polls are officially closed. Gubernatorial race is too close to call. McAulliffe leads in exit polls.

6:45 pm Recap of today’s exclusive interview with former President Bill Clinton on 92.7 Kiss FM! Clinton Interview